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ABB ABB Soft Starters

ABB soft starters are the products of first choice for thousands of applications in the world, which are known for its quality and long life.
In direct startup, motors draw current up to 15 times their rated currents from the grid until they reach operating speeds. This pushes the grid to the limits and results in electrical and mechanical wear and tear on motors causing considerable reduction in their service life. Soft starters allow motors to start in a controlled way at low current. The greatest benefit of soft starters against star-delta starters is that their dimensions are more compact and provide the motors they are attached to with more smooth control than they are parameterized.

Our company is certified and authorized by ABB in sales, engineering and maintenance services for these products.

You can supply ABB Soft Starters from our company in 3 different ranges.

  • PSR       – The Compact Range, 3 – 105 A
  • PSE       – The Efficient Range, 18 – 370 A
  • PST(B)  – The Advanced Range, 30 – 1050 A (up to 1810 A as delta)  


ABB PSR range is the most compact type of soft starter series manufactured for current values ranging from 3 to 105 A. The compact structure of the product enables much smaller dimensions than by conventional star-delta startup methods.

Thanks to the by-pass contactors contained in soft starters, losses are minimized and connections are greatly simplified. Three potentiometers on the soft starter allow for very fast and easy adjustment. 


    ABB PSE range is the most efficient type of soft starter series manufactured for current values ranging from 18 to 370 A. As a first in the world, this series features built-in electronic protection and torque control for motor protection. This feature makes the product a perfect option for pumping applications. When the compact design of starters is combined with functional features, this turns the product into a highly efficiency solution.

    The back-lift display and four buttons available in ABB PSE starters enable easy control of the device. The display shows all key parameters both during startup and normal operation.


      ABB PSE range is the most advanced type of soft starter series manufactured for current values ranging from 30 to 1050 A. This series soft starters come in with any possible features and functionalities. The advanced motor protection functions ensure a smooth operation for the motor and load. Thanks to the pre-warning feature, it allows the necessary measures to be taken before failure occurs and thus prevents motor failure and starter shutdown.

      The torque control functionality of the device is developed and test together with pumps from a multitude of the leading pump manufacturers. This ensures operation with maximum compatibility between the starter, the motor and the pump. The detailed display on the device shows the starter and many other electrical data in Turkish and provides easy commissioning of the device.

      Using ABB Fieldbus interfaces, this series can be integrated with remote automation systems.  


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