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What is SCADA?

The term SCADA consists of the initials of “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”. This can be translated into Turkish as “Danışmalı Kontrol ve Veri Toplama Sistemi” or “Uzaktan Kontrol ve Gözleme Sistemi”. In short, it is the general name given to a system that can be controlled and operated through computers, communication devices, sensors or other devices. In the most general sense, it can be divided into two: energy SCADA (Electricity-Water-Natural Gas) and process SCADA (Plant-Facility automation).

The recent advancements in computer and communication technologies and the reduced cost of related devices have made the automation of power distribution systems feasible in technical and economic aspects. For example, the automation of distribution and water systems enables remote monitoring and fast and effective control of the network, which leads to the feasibility of a more reliable, continuous and quality electric power and water supply. The system data can be archived, and the statistical reports ensure the most effective and economical business management.

SCADA provides real-time and detailed information that is accessible by everyone across the business at all times.

SCADA systems, used for some systems executing supervisory inspection and data collection processes, form an infrastructure designed to control and monitor the production process of a plant together with various tools (RTUs, PLCs, etc.) used for the control of plant processes (raw material, production and product monitoring, etc.) An ideal structure can be achieved through necessary communication established with manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to the extent allowed by this infrastructure. The goal is to build the necessary structure for producing a greater number of more quality products at minimum costs. The utilization of the facilities in the enterprise with the highest efficiency can be possible through the managers having full control over the business and production information.
SCADA software packages should serve as the infrastructure software in industrial plants, and allow all the layers of the business to function harmoniously by connection to the networks in and out of the plant. SCADA system can be used in many different areas, such as in hydroelectric, nuclear power generation and natural gas generation and processing plants, for operating pumps, valves and flowmeters in gas, oil, chemical and water pipelines and for the control of on/off switches in kilometers of power transmission lines and the stabilization of sudden load variations in lines.

Today, all the plants and enterprises have started to build a SCADA system and this will gain more momentum increasingly.