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As a new product, it is not known by many in Turkey

Then what can we do with this product?

  1. It can provide the response needed by the system in a period of 2ms for continuously alternating reactive loads.
  2. Serves as both a capacitor and an inductance by nature.
  3. Eliminates imbalances by responding to each phase separately.
  4. As a result, no penalty will be imposed on you and your system will not be damaged by imbalances.

Application Areas

  • For inductive and capacitive loads,
  • For highly fluctuating loads,
  • For industrial loads fed by weak networks, and,
  • For three phase and single phase applications.

Solutions Offered

  • Improved power quality,
  • Enhanced energy efficiency by reducing system losses,
  • Ensures more reliability and more improved compensation system than existing capacitor banks under dynamic conditions,
  • Requires less maintenance and has a long service life,
  • Easy installation and commissioning,
  • Offers easy and convenient operation with touch screen interface, and
  • Poses no risk for harmonic amplification.

Technical Specifications

For Sales Service:
For Technical Support: