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Manufactured by ABB as the leader in technology, ABB RTUs are modular products with advanced features, which are proven for high quality and reliability. ABB RTUs are built in 3 different series depending on their features and capacities:

  • RTU560   for large-scale projects or projects with redundancy required 
  • RTU540   for medium-scale projects 
  • RTU520   for small-scale projects


ABB RTU560 series RTUs are designed for applications that are large-scale or require redundancy. The major areas of application are power transmission and distributions systems and railway and transportation systems.

    ABB RTU 540

    ABB RTU540 series RTUs are designed for medium-scale applications. The major areas of application are substations and power distribution centers, pumping stations and similar applications. I/Os in RTU520 series can be integrated into RTU540 processors easily.

      ABB RTU 520

      ABB RTU520 series RTUs are designed for small-scale applications. The major areas of application are SPP, WPP, OIZ, substation and step-down transformer automation and process automation. I/O cards in this series can be used by the processors of other series.

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        • Click here for the RTU520 product catalog
        • Click here to download the technical documentation of RTU520 modules

        ABB RTU Licenses

        The desired features and capacities of ABB RTUs are provided by the license cards that can be inserted into RTUs. All the RTU licenses support communication protocols given in the following table and have the ability to perform protocol conversion from one to another as a Gateway.

        Depending on the function and capacity, license cards can be supplied in 3 different versions – Basic, PLC/Archives and HMI – and with capacity ranging from 50 to 5,000 Tags.


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